How it works

'I already have an X-ray suite within my own clinic'

If you already have an X-ray suite within your clinic, simply refer the patient for X-ray and Innate Radiology will send one of its qualified radiographers to your facility to capture all X-ray images, at no cost to you.

The X-rays will be sent to our PACS system where a radiologist will receive, review and report on them.

The patient’s summary file will then be securely sent to your computer, ready for viewing and analysis.

Please note: If your clinic is located in a Metropolitan region a radiographer will have to be organized for your office to comply with Medicare. If your clinic is located in a rural area, your clinic may be exempt from needing a radiographer to take the X-rays.


' I do not have an x-ray suite in my office and would like one installed'

Don’t have an x-ray suite in your office already? Don’t worry, Innate Radiology can send one of its engineers directly to your office to inspect the site and see if a radiology suite will work within your premises.

Our engineer will analyse room dimensions, electrical supply and IT capabilities before making an initial assessment.

Upon further review, the assessment will be turned into a formal quote, featuring data on everything from installation and supply costs. Innate Radiology will work with you not against you to make sure the addition of a radiology suite is a smart investment.

We’ll also work with you to get your new site accredited for Medicare standards, register equipment and organize full or part time radiographers to work your clinic as needed.